Rent to own, rent to own, rent to own . . . whether ladies care to admit it or just don’t realize it, when it comes to relationships, ladies are renting themselves out all the time!
Think of yourself as a house, your boyfriend or man as a potential buyer, and the purchase of a home as a marriage. Buying a home is a huge responsibility that takes a
tremendous amount of commitment, so a lot of thought has to go into it before making a purchase of that magnitude. This somewhat explains the reason why most men seem
to be reluctant to get married. Most men have a one-track mind and aren’t designed to multitask as you ladies are, so the thought of all of the responsibilities of owning a
home (a marriage) can be overwhelming. He has to continually maintain the yard, the garage, the driveway, the gutters, the paint, the landscaping, the mortgage note, the
insurance, the taxes, the interior, the HOA dues, etc. (You get the picture.)

The dream of owning a home makes most people sacrifice, save, and start getting their credit and other affairs in order to make that dream a reality. In other words, it takes
work and commitment, but when it comes to relationships, here’s where it gets interesting. When a woman surrenders herself or makes it easy for a man to win her affection,
she is renting herself out! Picture this, rented property (cars, apartments, equipment, etc.) is usually mistreated and dogged out because multiple people have been
there, used it up so they have low regard for it. Since they didn’t have to work or sacrifice to get it, they have no long-term plans for it. The same goes for a woman that puts
herself in that position. A man realizes when a woman hasn’t kept herself or has a habit of surrendering herself and he will treat her just like rented property.