The music of today has really messed up relationships rather than enhance them. All of these songs screaming “Ms. Independent” have pretty much pitted the women
against the men. They give off the notion that a strong independent woman can do everything for herself and that she doesn’t need a man. I agree up to a certain point;
anybody can actually hold their own (man or woman) if they are financially able to support themselves and pay for everything they need to have done. That doesn’t work
when it comes to a meaningful relationship because money isn’t everything!

If an independent-minded woman begins a relationship with a man, there is a major mind-set adjustment that needs to take place. I understand the ideology that a woman
may want to maintain her sense of independence in case the relationship doesn’t work out, but oftentimes, that same fight to hang on to that independence is what destroys
the new relationship! I’m not saying to foolishly surrender your ability to handle your own business to a man you just met, but you have to know how to
be the woman in the relationship just as the man needs to be the man in the relationship.

The saddest type of relationship to witness is one where you have two people together, but they have independent mind-sets within that relationship. For married couples,
you see folks that have separate bank accounts, different rules for their own children in the same house, you drive your car and I drive mine—yada yada yada! How in the
world can true love exist in that environment? It can’t! Love is a sacrifice for the other person, remember?