You’ll find answers and remedies to
excerpts like:

“How can I make him happy or love me?
has crossed the minds of most ladies
that feel like they are putting out way
more than they are receiving from their
partner. There is a real simple answer to
this question and it may cause you to
change the way you think.”


“A woman has way more influence than
she realizes but it has to be used
creatively to get the right results
in a relationship!”

Potent topics like:

Are you really ready?
Ms. Independent
Rent to Own

This book will unlock some of the
things you’ve struggled to understand
about your own behavior and why
vicious cycles remain in your life!
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If She Only Knew . . . Opening Your Eyes To The Truth About Men

will explain many mysteries and myths about relationships and dating. Through this journey into the mind of a man, you’ll discover things about him that either you didn’t
know or were misinformed about regarding how to get to his heart. This book is designed to not only give women valuable insight on men, but also explain why women
end up in situations they never dreamed of or swore they would never be in. Along with identifying the problems in relationships, remedies, practical applications and
simple solutions are only a page away!

While learning about what makes a man tick, the lights will come on about yourself, the decisions you’ve made, and what part you played in the demise of your own
relationships. The good news is that it can be turned around but it starts with you making a decision and being brave enough to change your thinking. Most books tell you
how to handle situations after things happen, but this book teaches you how to “reverse the curse” and prevent disaster before it ever occurs!

Prepare your mind for a fascinating journey and a life-changing experience that will have an impact on you and the way
you’ve thought about relationships in the past because things are about to change for the better!
"If She Only Knew"