There is such a thing as the “law of attraction” that exists in the world as we know it. The main thing that a woman who is looking to attract the right man into her life must do is a self-examination.
If we are all brutally honest with ourselves, we may find that we are nowhere near being prepared for the “perfect spouse” as we think. Many of us for whatever reason, feel like we pretty much
have ourselves together and we are ready for someone to enter our lives. But ask yourself these questions to see if you are really ready:

Will you wait until God sends a man to find you?

Do you not date and remain celibate until marriage?

Do you let go of past hurts and transgressions against you in previous relationships?

Do you look at all that you need to fix about you and not worry about his issues?

Are you able to show and give love with no expectation of it being reciprocated?

Most of us are familiar with 1 Corinthians 13: 1–7, but the question is, will you operate according to these principles on a full-time basis?
If you are having an issue doing any of these things or some seem harder than others, you are not ready for a relationship!